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I'm John, the curator of the site and tractor collection. Thanks for stopping by. My intent is to help continue the hobby by making it easier for new comers to get started.  Every hobby needs new people and there's a lot of competition for peoples interest these days. Whens the last time you saw a hobby shop that sold model trains? There's no reason anyone should have to try and re-invent the wheel on something that's 60 years old. Take a look at what I've done, check out the other sites in my links, visit an Internet forum, and/or visit a tractor show near you. There are very few new problems, most of which now come from parts made overseas, anything else someone else has probably seen and fixed already.

As a kid my family took me to the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant Ia where there were small ground trains that in the early days were powered by 9ns covered in train decorations. The sound of the flat head Fords is probably stuck in my head from my early days. This is also the place that hooked me on Narrow Gauge Railroading which I now a  volunteer at.

I officially entered the work world in 1980 as an electrical draftsman at a small Midwest Company that produced Foundry equipment. Being a small business I had the opportunity to do both mechanical and electrical drafting, mechanical and electrical work, welding, wiring, painting, and most importantly learned how to fabricate from a retired Boeing tool and die machinist. During this time my best friend and me restored a couple vehicles, painted a motorcycle or two, and had a lot of fun running around in a 1947 Dodge Power Wagon. It was also during this time that we plowed snow in the winter and landscaped with in the summer with his 2n.

Later I changed jobs and worked as a field based rep in CA for another Midwest Company. I managed a territory and oversaw the startup of new businesses with small manufacturing plants, serviced the equipment, ran trouble calls, moved the business etc. After being a road warrior for 14 years I returned to the Midwest as a senior troubleshooter and was sent out on calls where our field engineers had been unsuccessful at fixing industrial equipment and process problems. This job involved international travel as well and while providing a comfortable income it made for an uncertain personal life as you never knew when you woke up in the morning where you might end up by night.
In 2000 I started the transition to the IT field working for the same company. In 2006 due a changing economy and increasing SE Asia imports into the market I worked in my employer conducted a number of  RIF's and outsource events. In the last 4 years I've been been outsourced, and changed employees voluntarily to remain employed at a a place that I like to work at. Times have changed and working for the same employer all your life is probably over for most people. While I turned in my tools at work I never stopped working at home and continue to fabricate miscellaneous items, rebuild loaders, overhaul tractors etc.

Over the last 8 years I've been able to buy and sell a few tractors and keep a couple for myself. My goal is to have a financially self sustainable hobby. While a little short on that its good to have a goal.

As of September 2010 I no longer have a shop or a place to work on tractors. While not physically active with them at this time I plan to keep the site up and return to the hobby as soon as I can.
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